October 19, 2014

Ernest Hemingway would have died rather than have syntax. Or semicolons. I use a whole lot of half-assed semicolons; there was one of them just now; that was a semicolon after “semicolons,” and another one after “now.”

And another thing. Ernest Hemingway would have died rather than get old. And he did. He shot himself. A short sentence. Anything rather than a long sentence, a life sentence. Death sentences are short and very, very manly. Life sentences aren’t. They go on and on, all full of syntax and qualifying clauses and confusing references and getting old. And that brings up the real proof of what a mess I have made of being a man.


Ursula K. Le Guin on being a man – the finest, sharpest thing I’ve read in ages 

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October 16, 2014
October 2012



At the checkout, choosing between which essential purchases to return while warding off the cashier’s impatience. At the subway looking in your purse for the fare there and back.

Hair wrapped up tight against the cold, a man asks you for a quarter. He calls you a “fake sista”…

October 15, 2014


ohhhh jen, your ass…………………………..

The Tumblr meme gets its own dramatic reenactment!

October 15, 2014
Three cheers for Pig Pen Sedaris!



Pig Pen Sedaris

It makes for a charmingly local headline: Area Man Picks Up So Much Roadside Litter, District Council Names Garbage Truck After Him. Except in this case, the Area Man is the famous author and humorist, David Sedaris, whose fame is apparently (and even more charmingly)…

Well this just made my day.


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October 14, 2014


people get why jack fucked up in nightmare before Christmas but they continue to not understand cultural appropriation

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